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Why multikulti is actually the only option and always has been.

Foreigners. Immigrants. There’s a lot of talk about that these days. About how problematic it is. And sure, it is problematic, but not half as problematic as the ugly, brown stained, so-called far right movement that’s emerging from the sewers all over Europe right now. That’s far more problematic. These people who call themselves nationalists and are all about preserving the purity of the race and culture, they are more than problematic. They are actually becoming quite a significant pain in the ass. They are really fucking annoying. Racist, homophobic, xenophobic, paranoid loudmouths that just never shut up about how the immigrants are ruining Europe. As if they themselves weren’t…

I was watching a comedy show the other night and one of the guys was saying: “with all this talk about immigrants and second-generation immigrants, I’m just wondering, when do you actually get there? When are you done with the whole immigration business and just fucking arrive?” Yeah, when indeed. Let’s face it, we’re all immigrants. One way or another. It’s not like there has never been any inflow in the gene pool, otherwise we’d be a world full of really awesome banjo players by now. Mating with close relatives isn’t good, we all know that and we have known it for a very log time. The reason it isn’t good is because reduced diversity means increased vulnerability to mutations and other kinds nasty stuff. Mixing is good. We know that. From a biological point of view the opposite is pretty much suicide. And yet there are voices screaming for purity of the races. Are they stupid? Yes, they are stupid. In fact they are so stupid that they also advocate preservation of culture. But the problem with culture is that it by default is not static. Culture evolves because that’s what culture does. It’s what it’s all about. Small etymology hint – cultiva, to cultivate. Seriously, looking a word up in a dictionary and having a look at the various meanings and relationships can be very helpful sometimes. And for anyone who even touches the outer edges of the thought that conserving culture is a good idea it’s obligatory. Go look it up in a dictionary and see why it’s insane you imbecile!

But then again, racism isn’t exactly known for being an ideology that attracts razor-sharp intellects. No wonder. Anyone capable of the slightest attempt at initiating a thought process realizes that none of it makes any sense what so ever. It just doesn’t fucking add up. If we have been able to establish, and we have, that no new input in the gene pool equals death and we have looked up culture in the dictionary and thus learnt that it’s actually a word that describes a quality of plasticity, non-static nature, in things, activities and events, then we can’t really believe in the purity of the races and cultures. Not unless we also believe that committing a slow and deliberate suicide is the best path forward for humanity. The same credo also seems to be applicable for our consumerist culture btw. But the really sick twist is the reasoning in favor of this absurd idea about racial and cultural cleanness: They promote it as a means to actually preserve humanity. Say what? Like how? We all become banjo players and then wither away and die from starvation? I literally get dizzy when I think about it. Literally. Just how on earth is it possible to be that dumb? How can anyone actually believe that? How is it possible to not see the huge black void of missing logic that just screams at you? That I just do not understand. I actually think most of us who live in the consumer culture know it’s not sustainable. We know we’re being bad. We may choose to push the guilt aside, but we do know. We don’t go around thinking that we’re actually saving mankind when we go out and buy the latest model of the flashiest cell phone even though the one we have works perfectly fine. Sure there are some especially delusional people who will justify their purchase with a claim to be helping that great holy being “the Market”, but most of us actually know we are up to no good when we hand over our credit card to the smiling sales clerk and we smile a guilt stained smile back and promise ourselves that this is the last time. But the racists, they actually think they are on to something. They think they have the master plan. Keep it all separate, keep it all clean. That only applies to laundry dumb ass! And even then I like to mix and match. It may not always turn out the way I would have liked it, but at least I get variation. If we keep the people separate they die and if we keep the culture clean we get bored. I wouldn’t want to live without rock music! Plus, exactly when should we start? Is this going to be a retroactive effort, or do we start right now? Can we keep falafel and sushi? How about potatoes? Can we keep those? Or is it straight back to beets? How about fireworks? And gunpowder? Where do we draw the line? Also genetically, where do we draw the line there? Considering that there are bigger genetic variations between the chimpanzees on the east cost and the west coast in Africa than there are between humans from separate sides of the planet, I just think it’s going get tricky. We seem to have already gotten way too deep in to the mixing for it to even be a point in trying.

Plus we already went down that avenue. Back then we were into measuring skulls. Today we think it’s slightly comical and very embarrassing, but back then whole university departments were devoted to this task. Thankfully we got over that phase. For Europe I think that time is a bit like your preteens. That age around 12 when you try so hard to be all grownup and cool, but everything just turns out really awkward and dorky. Your hair looks dumb, your limbs are too long and your body feels like a foreign object. Everything makes you extremely self-conscious and everything you do turns out wrong. That’s Europe in the early 1930ies*. You did so much dumb shit, so many embarrassing, dorky, stupid things. Things that you don’t ever want to be reminded of ever again. The kind of things that parents love to tell your future partners about over dinner years later. And it’s still just as embarrassing and you just wish they would shut the fuck up. That’s how I feel about the far right, the right-wing extremists, the racists, in Europe today. They are just like those parents reminding you about the embarrassing things you did as a kind and I just wish they would shut the fuck up! But they won’t. Because they are actually worse than those parents – they aren’t even trying to be funny. They are not saying it to watch you squirm and make your partner laugh, they actually want to repeat all those embarrassing things. They want us all to go back to behaving like awkward 12-year-olds and I didn’t even like being 12 the first time around! Not saying there’s anything wrong with 12-year-olds, but a whole continent full is too much. Because again, we need diversity. A 12-year-old may not get along all that well with an 8-year-old, but that doesn’t mean that the 8-year-old should be kicked out of the country. Because he too will turn 12 one day. Nothing about life is static. And as soon as you try to make it static it dies. It’s what happened to Nazi-Germany, it died. So did South Africa. It’s been tried. It didn’t work. Now leave it, ok? But they won’t. Because they are stupid. Why are they so stupid? I hate it when people are immune to logic. People move. That’s what they do. Humans aren’t plants. We don’t have roots. We have always moved and we always will. So let’s all just learn to deal with that, ok? It’s not the moving around that’s the problem, it’s all the territorial bullshit of trying to control exactly where you are allowed to move. Yes, we need rules to make society function, but we can’t have those rules include people having to die just because they can’t move. And a culture that creates rules like that isn’t worth preserving anyway.

We need to mix to not die. Of genetic collapse or plain boredom. It’s just pure logic. I suppose Europe’s new right isn’t susceptible to logic. Maybe they have been keeping to themselves too much and are suffering from a lack of input in the gene pool? Maybe we actually need more immigrants to save them?

* Europe during Colonial times was more like a 5-year-old megalomaniac.

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  2. branchenverzeichnis October 21, 2010 at 20:58

    Ernest Hemingway~ Theres nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility is being superior to your former self.

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