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Happy new year

A new year. It always takes some time getting used to. For me at least. For the first few weeks I always write the wrong year on things. Which isn’t that big a deal, but it does function like a reminder that something has changed. And somehow it also makes it feel like something else should have changed, something besides the mere date. A new year, a new beginning. But on the other hand that makes no sense since the change is artificial. We have just all agreed that a new year has begun. According to our calendar this is now a new year. So has anything actually changed? In repercussive ways sure. New laws, new regulations, new taxation periods, new billing periods etc, but do all of these changes have an influence on the bigger metaphysical picture? No idea.

Sometimes it feels like it does. Like it actually does mean something on a more personal level too. And I’m not just thinking about new years resolutions. There is this certain sense of a somewhat clean slate. Like a new beginning of sorts. This could of course be a socially induced feeling, it most likely is, but does that mean that it’s any less real? If I feel like a new year is a new beginning, does that then mean that it actually is? Does my perception determine what becomes my reality? I suppose so.

So by that reasoning something has actually changed, but what? That’s what I can’t really pinpoint. The feeling is too illusive. Too abstract. I have nothing I can single out apart from the usual administrative stuff like the aforementioned billing periods. But there is still this sense of change. Like a curiosity. I wonder what this year will bring. And maybe that’s just it, the inquisitiveness. At the beginning of a new year there’s just more of it. An elated sense of possibilities. And of course some of that, maybe even most of it, is all in my head, but it doesn’t take away from the feeling. This feeling of everything being possible. Change to the better.

Who knows, maybe 2011 will be a new beginning. Maybe it will be a great year. I suppose it remains to be seen, but I’ll try hold on to this feeling of everything is possible for a few weeks more. Even if it is just all in my head. Reality is just a point of view anyway, so I suppose that means everything actually is possible.

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