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music theory

i am trying to figure out if there is any connection between the music i like. is there anything linking jeff buckley, carcass, aphex twin, beastie boys and mussorgsky? and i am thinking there must be. either music moves me or it doesn’t and i wonder what it is that stirs me.

i pay a lot of attention to music. if i hate the music that’s on i really have trouble holding it together. it gets to me. gets on my nerves. if i am in a place where i can’t stand the music is being played i really have to get out. bad music really makes me feel like shit. and i think that where music hits me – in my mood. that’s why the music has to fit. i can’t listen to isis if i don’t feel like isis. and i can’t listen to the hidden cameras if i don’t feel like the hidden cameras. but i really like both bands. do they have anything in common? well i suppose so.

i think it has something to do with honesty. not faking it. for me to like something it has to be honest. and that has nothing to do with image or performance or the surface. it has to do with what lies beyond that. the intent. and that applies to all forms of art, not just music. there just has to be something there. layers. things to discover. an expression for or of something.

a friend of mine calls his music his voodoo and i think he’s right. art is essentially voodoo, magic. you channel you energy into creativity and it is the exact same thing as performing a ritual. creativity is about creating. the dance of shiva. and i think that is the thing they all have in common. the shamanism. and maybe that is why i can also hate some music so much. whitney’s voodoo just doesn’t agree with me but bowie’s does. or maybe it just simply the fact that she really sucks…

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